Sunday, March 15, 2009


Evelyn is nearly 5 months old and doing great! She's gaining weight like a champ and is actually on the growth charts now. Because she is gaining weight so well, she is off the special high-calorie formula and now on regular formula.

We're also allowed to take her out a bit more now, but because it is still RSV and flu season, we're keeping her away from crowded indoor places. But we have taken a few outings to the zoo and the botanical garden. Her official "coming out" will be for her baptism so...


We know that everyone who has followed this blog are friends and family and have been praying for Evelyn. We couldn't have gotten through this without you, so please join us for Evelyn's baptism on Sunday, April 19th at the 9:15 AM service at Mountain View Lutheran Church (48th St. and Elliot). We will also be having an open house following the service at our house, which you are all invited to come to as well. Just leave a comment or send us an email (so we can get a head count), and we'll be sure to get you directions if you need them.

One other update - because Evelyn is doing so well now, we thought it makes more sense to just have a family blog, so please follow us to:

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Anonymous said...

Big sister looks like a little model!!