Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 63, 12.22.08

Another busy day in the Moore household. Evelyn is doing really well and mom is sleeping better now that Evelyn is sleeping in her room now. I moved her out Friday night! That surprised even me! We kept Rebecca in our room for the first month and Chloe for at least a week or two. Evelyn only made it 3 nights. :-) I think she sleeps better on the mattress rather than the pack-n-play and I've angled the mattress slightly in her crib so I think she likes that better than sleeping completely flat on her back. Whatever works!

Her days are composed of eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping. All good things! She is like clock work and will wake up to eat every three hours. She is taking 3 oz at each feeding and is a good eater.

She doesn't have too many wakeful moments. Although she was up for about an hour yesterday. Too bad it was 2:30 AM. Roger has been doing a great job (of course) taking care of all three girls. Busy days!

All things considered, she is acting just like a "normal" baby. She goes in to the dr. tomorrow for a regular check-up, so it will be fun to see how much she has gained since being at home. We got so used to having daily weights for her.
She loves to be held, so I've been using a homemade Moby Wrap to carry her around in when I'm home. It's just a long piece of fabric that acts like a front carrier. I wasn't sure I would use it, but she seems to like it and it still lets me do other things - like help Rebecca and Chloe, eat dinner, and update the blog. She's wrapped up right now. She's still too small for our Baby Bjorn, so for $7 worth of fabric, I have a front carrier that works for little Evelyn.


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bob said...

We are so happy Evelyn is home to spend the holidays with you, that is a gift. She's definitely getting bigger (but too small for the baby bjorn, goodness!) and sounds like she is on all the right tracks. She's got a lot of people looking out for her!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Katy and Keith